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Keep It Classy, Keep It Cute!!!

Tinley Park


15933 S Harlem Ave

Suite 123

TinleyPark, IL 60477


Calumet City


1765 River Oaks Drive

Calumet City, IL 60409


Hyde Park

1614 E. 53rd Street

Suite 8 

Chicago, Il. 60615


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Beginning Jan. 1,2023  Price Increase​

Due to the increase of product and operating cost, 

Classy Kids has no choice but to slightly increase

the cost of our services. 

We Thank You for understanding  and we hope you continue to support our business. 


Can I stay or leave during my child's appointment?

By all means, Leave!  Please feel free to schedule any quick meetings, grocery shopping, quick errands or just some good ole "Me Time" while your child is getting their "Classy and Cute, Do Done!"  We understand completely, how a concerned parent worries their child may not cope well without them around. However, from our experience children cope better than you think when they understand "Mommy is going to the store and they will be right back. " Our service takes about 1 1/2hrs to complete and when the stylist and child has time to bond uninterrupted by the parents agenda the hair appointment goes much smoother and a friendship is allowed to happen. Also due to new guidelines of COVID-19 only clients being serviced are allowed to stay in the Salon.  Feel free to FaceTime, 

call , or do quick checkups on your child but currently parents aren't allowed to stay in the salon during the appointment.

What ages do you provide service for?

Classy Kids offer services to children as young as 1 and as old ad 17. 

Do Classy Kids shampoo or should I do it in advance?

All hair services include a shampoo, condition and blow-dry. Classy Kids prefer to do the preliminary hair care services to ensure the quality of a clean scalp, moisturized hair and an adequate blow dry. If you choose to shampoo and blow-dry your child's hair before their appointment we will still do a scalp and hair analysis to be sure there is a clean scalp and a sufficient blow-dry. However there will be NO DISCOUNT on the price as it is already factored into our service. Classy Kids do ask that all French braids and ponytails are removed before the scheduled appointment.

Do I bring my own beads?

Not unless you want to. Classy Kids services also comes with beads and ribbons. Accessories such as string and hair balls should be provided.

My child is tender headed? Do you deal with that? What happens if they cry?

Every parent says this! Every single one. MOST of the time your child really isn't tender headed. You are heavy handed or they just like to give you a hard time, LOL. For those children who ARE tender headed or cry just because, we are mothers and aunts and veterans

in the children's hair care world. With a little bit of talking and calming down and bribery if that's what it takes, Classy Kids is sure to find a solution to get your child comfortable with us completing their service.

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